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Elite News

  • 17.06.2011 - ELITE OFFICE Newspaper!

    The ” GLOBAL ELITE MANAGEMENT GROUP” company offers you a completely new internet service. www. elite-office. com is one of the biggest worldwide search engine, comprehensive informational, social and commercial portal. After one simple registration you will be able to get and advertise all necessary information which is in your interests. Registered customers are available to look up information about your company through search engine.

    Number of users, interested in our web-site are exceeding real expectations. Users from 104 countries and over 1500 cities are registering and starting to use it. Georgians are in leading positions in the most active 30 countries.

    We are interested in you, profit by our portal. At first, you have to register to fill and upload the data flow about your newspaper. Then you will have the possibility to upload weekly announcements and popular articles, selected by you, which you want to be readable by consumers through the internet. After all, it will be available for customers to look up all the information about you at anytime and anyplace.

    In case of registration, you have a possibility to open your nominative club and add your company’s informational image page.

    We consider free account PR and discounts for our partners. In case of ordering advertisements, you have a possibility to suggest our service to your partners and advertising clients with special conditions.

    Under partner condition, we mean to suggest our consumer your advertising time. We think, such collaboration will be effective for our consumer’s advertising budget, to plan this process correctly and rationally.

    www.Elite-office. com - is a portal, where you can get your services simply and simultaneously. Some of the key strengths we offer- include:

    • Arrange private internet office.
    • Effective advertisements about your company product/service throughout the world.
    • Effective planning of your company product/ service, advertising made by our marketing department. Let us, inform you, that we have special discounts with our partners: TV channels, radios, magazines, newspapers.
    • Online TV channels and radios any place in the world.
    • Possibility to upload applications for free and VIP statements.
    • List of online visit cards of partners or interested companies.
    • Online worldwide auction.
    • Tenders, vacancies, categorized resumes throughout the world.
    • Online tour guide service of any country or any specific city for tourists and travelers. Information about: hotels, tourism agencies, restaurants, cafes, charming places, transports and much more necessary information;
    • Online raffles will be offered after accumulation of points through your activity. (tour packets, techniques, present cards and so on.
    • Information about discounts and encourage activities offered by different worldwide brands and companies.
    • Information and news about worldwide diasporas, trade-unions, political figures.
    • HCRM function- effective and simple system to manage internal human resources.

    In difference with other social networks, we offer private, isolate profile with a simple profile panel. (others have no right and no chance to check your PM either to send messages without your confirmation).

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